Financial Criteria

Revenue: $5 - $50 million

Contractually recurring revenue and / or high customer retention

EBITDA Range: $1 to $7 million

Greater than 10% EBITDA margins

History of reliable, stable, positive cash flow generation

Relatively "asset-light" business model with limited capital intensity

Company Specific Criteria

Well-positioned in a growing industry       

Clearly identifiable competitive advantage protected by barriers to entry

Favorable market position with multiple avenues for organic revenue growth

Limited customer concentration

Opportunity to create value via horizontal and / or vertical integration initiatives

Clear potential for organic growth

Scalability / operating leverage

Headquartered in the U.S. or Canada


Investment Context

Motivated seller seeking liquidity and management transition

Desire to ensure long-term continuity of business

Owner seeking exit for non-business related reasons (e.g., retirement or serial entrepreneur seeking next venture) or willing to sell a controlling stake in the interest of partnering with a group that best positions the company for its next stage of growth