Company's Role


Buyer's Daily Focus


Source of Capital


Value Creation


Time Horizon


Seller's Involvement

Elm Equity Partners

Our only investment to which we will dedicate 100% of our time and resources


Leveraging the strength of the business acquired to use as a platform for growth as the company evolves into its next stage of growth


Cohesive group of entrepreneurial-minded investors with relevant bandwidth and expertise to support the business' ongoing growth


Revenue growth, streamlining of operations, and best practices in long-term sustainability


Long-term with no pre-determined time horizon


Flexible - Complete exit or ongoing participation. We will also tailor the transaction to accommodate estate planning, tax, and family needs.

Other Firms

One of many portfolio companies


Finding and executing other deals


Pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, and disengaged individuals


Financial engineering, cost-cutting, high-level strategy


Typically 3-7 years depending on fund timing


Typically require 2-3 year commitment

Strategic Buyers

Subsidiary or division of larger entity retrofitted to fit the parent company's agenda


Driving financial performance of corporate parent


Diverse base of public and / or private investors


Synergies with parent business, cost-cutting


Uncertain: subject to ongoing fit with parent company's strategy


Varies, often with significantly diminished participation in future levels of success