Elm Equity Partners (EEP) is a New York-based private investment firm that seeks to make controlling acquisitions and provide operational leadership to companies with $5 to $50 million of revenue. We offer capital for liquidity and expansion and can transition daily management responsibilities to our internal team. Our team has built and grown businesses of various sizes and will apply proven principles, strategies and broad networks to enhance value.


EEP's team of experienced investment professionals seeks to generate value for its shareholders while operating with the utmost degree of integrity and professionalism. 

EEP invests in companies with strong growth potential in favorable niche segments where the management team can partner with the owner to transform the company from a local leader to a regional force. We provide an attractive exit opportunity in small to mid-market segments with the following advantages: 

  • Reliable access to capital for liquidity and long-term growth initiatives
  • A quick and efficient process
  • Committed group of individuals offering a deep, balanced mix of investing and operating experience
  • Flexibility with transaction structure and post-acquisition involvement for sellers
  • Preservation of legacy